New Item #SD1261
13Pc. Professional Oil Filter Wrench Set

Oil filter wrench for removing both cartridge oil filter covers and oil filter canisters.

New Item #J4917
96Pc. Oil Drain Plug Master Rethreader

Tap Sizes: M13 x 1.25, M13 x 1.5, M15 x 1.5, M17 x 1.5, M20 x 1.5, M22 x 1.5mm

New Item #2061
7Pc. Brake Caliper Press Spreader Set

Evenly spreads in a parallel manner to prevent misalignment of pistons. Centrally located gearless ratchet for use in tight spaces.

New Item #J8912
Deburring Tool with 2 Blades 140mm Long

Ideal tool for inside & outside de-burring. It comes with 2 blades. Blades easily fitted via pull back chuck.

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